Rennie’s Services is an edutainment facility which provides school bus service, playground with event planning and services for children between the ages 2-15 years and adults. Rennie’s is located in the Regimanuel Gray Community 18 Estates neighbourhood in Lashibi.

Rennie’s is launching its Educational Tours with a garden and picnic experience for children in the kindergarten(KG) and the primary school level to offer learning and fun experience outside the classroom.

Children learn through play and an educational tour offers the opportunity for children to observe and learn through participation.


  • Offer young children in KG and primary school the opportunity to share fun moments in various settings starting with a garden whilst learning outside the classroom
  • Opportunity to experience activities in an ornamental and vegetable garden first-hand.
  • Opportunity for children to learn responsibility and care for other things aside themselves like plants and pets at home.
  • Use occasion to help children to engage in interactive play with others to develop their emotional & social skills in a safe and conducive environmento For children to learn to show sensitivity towards others, learn to share, be open, friendly & co-operative
  • Use play to stimulate imagination, sense of achievement, help develop powers of observation, concentration and communication.

T arget

The target group is children within the ages 3-5 years, 6-8 years and 9-12 age bands who love fun and want to play outdoors and learn in a safe environment without any inhibition.


There would be an opportunity for the management of schools to make input into the programme proposed.

Ornamental and Vegetable Garden Experience

Children would be taken through the garden to see various plants and flowers being grown in different media and why. They would also get the opportunity to see some vegetables used at home being grown and where available see some of the fruits.

Children would also be given the opportunity to transplant some ornamental plants or vegetables into their personalized pots which they would take away to care for.

Schools have the opportunity to engage Rennie’s to help them establish similar vertical gardens in their schools to help children learn responsibility and ability to care for other things aside themselves.


The children will also have the opportunity to engage in group games and free play as part of their picnic experience if the so wish. School management can choose from the list below:


Name of Game

Target Group

Tug of hope

All ages

Brain-teasers & Spelling Competition

Interested kids in the following class band: Kindergarten, grades 1-3 and 4-6.

Tricky Treasure Hunt

Kids pre-school to grade 1

Pick, Act & Identify

Kids & mums or kids only (grades 1-Form 3)

Bin – the – balls

Pre-school kids & junior primary kids




There would be bouncing castles, trampoline, see-saw, merry-go-round, jungle- gym fun and possibly splash pool for the kids to have great fun.


*Clown and balloon magic display by Bobby the Clown for young kids in the 2-7 years age bracket. (This would come at an additional cost if requested for).


*FUN FOOD & LUNCH (if requested, alternatively kids can bring in their lunch from school)
The following would be made available for sale or as part of the package; – non-alcoholic beverages, water, ice cream, kebab and lunch to the children. Other food items in the form of popcorn, candy floss/cotton candy would also be on sale. These would be available if event is on Saturday.

Cost Implications

Pricing is activity based.

It is proposed that a school pay GHC1500.00 for 30 children. The experience is inclusive of fun food (biscuit, water and a beverage and transportation to location and back for schools in the Lashibi area. Also included is the planter and seedlings that kids would take away. Amount can be split and shared for the children to pay as cost of excursion.